How Often Should I Wash My Beard?

Now, we get this query quite a lot through our contact page, and usually we reply back with one of those rather annoying answers that starts with: “Well, it kind of depends”.


Good on you guys though for asking, because this is often one of the most neglected aspects of beard care.

Unfortunately, there is no one rule fits all here, but instead a general somewhat hazy guideline-- and an answer which ultimately you will end up finding what works best for your beard. You see you will have guys with badass beards saying they wash it everyday and you will also have guys with badass beards saying they wash it every week or so.

The basic idea is this though: you want to wash it enough to prevent it from emitting an unpleasant aura and basically becoming full of dirt, grimy and bits of food that’s missed your mouth (you know the tramp look) -- yet not too much (like daily) because generally the shampoo you will be using will be quite harsh, likely washing away all the natural oils that keeps your beard looking nice and healthy.

So pretty much for most beard owners who work in offices, service industries and the like when it comes to “how many times a week should I wash my beard?” aiming between once to three times a week for, is pretty reasonable and should hit the spot.

Try to opt to always opt for a shampoo that is more naturally orientated with their ingredients as they tend to be less abrasive and much kinder to your beard. Plus, don’t go mad with the water in the shower or bath being too hot as well as this could end up damaging & weakening your beard follicles.

Of course on the other hand.

If you work in construction, like an actual lumberjack or anywhere where basically you end up getting your your beard mucky everyday -- then of course you are going to want to wash your beard pretty much on a daily basis . In this case, you want to be looking for a specialized dedicated beard shampoo such as MR NATTY’s FFS Beard Shampoo which is “gentle enough to use daily”, so it is not draining the essential residues from your beard.

After You've Washed Your Beard Though…

Make sure you follow up.

This is the commonality between those two guys with the badass beards though (although perhaps the guy who only washes his beard, all being equal, to less of an extent).

You’re definitely going to want to replace the oils and residue that were initially in your beard before you washed them out, to maintain that masculine mane of yours.

The most obvious thing to do is literally apply a beard conditioner or softener after you've used a shampoo. This will of course provide you with that woolly soft beard and replace all the much needed goodness back into the beard to keep it shiny and strong.

If you are using a certain scented smelling beard wash, try to keep a consistency here so you aren't conflicting between different scents. For instance if you are using Beardbrand’s Tree Ranger Beard Wash then you will want to be using their Tree Ranger Beard Softener too.

A lot like to use a leave in conditioner like a balm than they can just literally leave in throughout the day which supplies all the natural ingredients needed and keeps it moist throughout the day. Whatever you use though, be it soaps, conditioners, lotions -- make sure you are washing it out, no one wants that dead skin beard dandruff going on.

And of course, you can always rely on your trusted beard oil to replenish you with the natural oils and everything you need to keep your beard healthy and soft.

Before You Start Drying Your Beard

If you haven’t already, don’t give blow drying a go. Trust me, it just won’t work out for you. Also, remember to avoid trimming your beard when wet, just like your hair gets longer when so does your beard.

To dry your beard, simply grab hold of a towel and pat it downwards, you can also try to gently direct your beard hair whilst doing this into the style you want. If you have a particular thick beard, it might be a good idea to do the old squeegee technique too.

Now the above is just based on experience and talks with other fellow beardsman. Ask your barber if you use one, what he recommends as well. You will know what works best for you though, mix it up and experiment -- test results against each other (different shampoos, different routines and so on) and you will land somewhat close to the perfect grooming regimen for your particular beard.

As always bearded brothers feel free to hit us up if you've got a question about your beards? Or more specific questions like “which beard trimmer is best for me?”. And we’ll always get back to you.